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Скроз нови профили 22. септембар 2018.

Hello there. I’m stacey. How are you

Године 32 из Uniontown, Pennsylvania На мрежи пре 2 недеље/недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

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Any Ethical Vegan Gentlemen on Earth?

Године 51 из Eagleville, Pennsylvania На мрежи пре 2 дан(а)
Жена тражи Мушкарца

Im an Ethical Vegan and Extremely serious about it! I only date Ethical Vegan Men. Im pretty easy going, my Children are adults, I have Grandchildren that I Absolutely Adore, I am VERY 420 Friendly, it would be Great if u are too but it really doesnt...

Unity Seeker Sings Often

Године 52 из Durham, North Carolina На мрежи пре 5 дан(а)
Жена тражи Мушкарца

Engaging, Energetic, Compassionately Analytical, Empathetic, Meditatively Kinetic, Creative with: words, ideas, images, and a kindred spirit. Spiritual wanderer who delves/questions/considers and likes two-way dialogue with...

Juliet looking for Romeo

Године 37 из Elmhurst, New York На мрежи пре 3 дан(а)
Жена тражи Мушкарца

Intelligent, compassionate, loyal, honest, attentive, understanding, friendly

Communication is key

Године 34 из North Concord, North Carolina На мрежи пре 2 недеље/недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

Vegan Cool Relaxed Traveler Listener Queen No drama Therapeutic Talker

In search of a veggie soulmate

Године 49 из Agawam, Massachusetts На мрежи пре 2 недеље/недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

I'm a long-time activist for both animals and the environment and hope to find a man who at least shares those values. I also have a passion for music and laughter, so the right guy must also share my taste in both and have a good sense of humor...

Searching for my gentleman

Године 34 из Chatham, Ontario На мрежи пре 4 дан(а)
Жена тражи Мушкарца

I am Funny, outgoing and honest I enjoy nature, reading books and some sports. I workout, I am a non smoker and I only drink on special occasions.


Године 51 из Royal Oak, Michigan На мрежи пре 2 недеље/недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

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