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Nouveaux venus 26 mai 2018

Life loves those who dare to live it

Age 49 de Milton, Massachusetts En ligne il y a 2 semaines
Femme cherchant Homme

I'm very active, rock climbing, hiking, running, doing yoga or walking almost every day. I'm also happy indoors, cooking and baking, for myself, for us, for a dinner party. I knit, draw, am a continual beginner Spanish student, and read voraciously...

Great minds discuss ideas....E.R.

Age 43 de Oxford, Michigan En ligne il y a 1 semaine
Femme cherchant Homme

I am a passionate and genuine person who is looking for a life long learner to share a busy but fun life with. I am adventurous but I have a serious side to me. I enjoy deep conversations. I don’t pretend to be feeling things I am not, therefore you...