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Nuovi Profili Recenti 16 dicembre 2017

Vegan woman seeking man

Età 31 da Bridgeport, Pennsylvania Online 2 settimane fa
Donna in cerca Uomo

Quiet, introverted. I love animals. I enjoy watching

I'm here for love

Età 33 da New York, New York Online Ieri
Donna in cerca Uomo

I love learning new things, reading, watching movies or binging on TV series. I don't take myself too seriously and I like to have fun no matter what I do. I love all animals, but I am a cat person. I like spending time with my cat, Leo. I am also...

Unity Seeker Promotes Diversity

Età 52 da Durham, North Carolina Online 2 settimane fa
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Engaging, Energetic, Compassionately Analytical, Empathetic, Meditatively Kinetic, Creative with: words, ideas, images, and a kindred spirit. Spiritual wanderer who delves/questions/considers and likes two-way dialogue with...


Età 31 da Halesite, New York Online 2 settimane fa
Donna in cerca Uomo

Lots to know


Età 48 da Hamden, Connecticut Online 2 settimane fa
Donna in cerca Uomo

Hmmmm, I would describe myself as a pretty happy person. I don't get upset easy. I like to have fun. I like to relax. I work hard. I'd say I'm successful. I may not be rick monetarily but I am rich in happiness.