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Leeftijd 53 Uit: Toronto, Ontario Online Meer dan 2 weken geleden

Vrouw Op zoek naar een Man

Algemene Informatie Vertel ons over jezelf
  • Ik spreek: Engels
  • Ik Beschrijf Mezelf Als a sensitive soul; passionate, romantic, very affectionate, playful and pragmatic, spontaneous and analytical, humourous and forthright, irreverent and respectful. a big fan of The Who, The Guess Who, and Dr. Who....a little bit groovy and a little bit geeky. I enjoy spending time with my family and a few close friends. I am a voracious reader, work out daily, and listen to music almost constantly: mostly Classical, a wide range of Jazz, Blues, and some Classic Rock. Favourite places: concerts, live theatre, movies, museums, art galleries, the gym, and my garden. Passions: my son; preserving our natural environment for him and future generations; and leading a healthy life. I am gratified that through my work I have had the opportunity to influence others to not only change their dietary and lifestyle habits for their own benefit, but for the benefit of our planet as well. In terms of religious beliefs, I am culturally Jewish, but entirely non-observant. It would be more accurate to state that I am a secular humanistic neo-Platonist, but for some strange reason that wasn’t one of the check list categories provided on this platform. I usually have several books on the go. Recent reads: “Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence”, by Christian Parenti and “The Selfish Gene” by Dawkins. The writings of Wendell Berry have been inspirational for me and I often refer to them in my lectures. In that vein, I am currently reading “Call of the Reed Warbler,” by Charles Massy. In addition to reading books and journals that are related to my work, I enjoy biographies (“Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” is on my birthday wish list) and I love classic works of historical fiction (Dumas, Scott) in particular. My favourite author, though, is W. Somerset Maugham.
  • Sterrenbeeld Schorpioen
Uiterlijk & Situatie Wat is jouw huidige situatie? Beschijf jouw uiterlijk.
  • Mijn Lichaamstype Is Fit
  • Mijn Lengte Is 5' 2 (1.57 m)
  • Mijn Ogen Zijn Groen
  • Mijn Ethniciteit Is Blank
  • Mijn Burgerlijke Staat Is Gescheiden
  • Ik Heb Kinderen Ja - Soms Thuis
  • Mijn Haar Is Rood
Meer over jou
  • Wat is jouw favoriete maaltijd? stir fried veggies with tofu and quinoa
  • Waarom ben jij Vegetarisch geworden? Gezondheidsredenen
  • Hoe belangrjk is het voor jou dat jouw partner ook vegetarisch s? Extreem
  • Hoe lang ben je al vegetarisch? 10+ jaar
Status Wat doe je?
  • Mijn Opleidingsniveau Is Bachelor
  • Mijn Huidige Werkstatus Is Voltijd
  • Mijn specialisatie is Recht
  • Ik Ben Een Roker Nee
  • Ik Drink Nee
Persoonlijkheid Wat voor een persoon ben je? Wat is jouw smaak?
  • Op de middelbare school was ik Intelligent
  • In sociale situaties ben ik Vriendelijk
  • Mijn Interesses En Hobbies Zijn Fitness, Lezen, Nieuwe Dingen Leren, Muziek, Films, Theater, Tuinieren, Vrijwilligerswerk
Meningen Meningen Over Het Leven
  • Mijn Geloof Is Agnostisch
  • Mijn Doel In Het Leven Is to become a better version of myself.
    to know and understand the world as best as I can in order to live in harmony with nature and engage in concrete actions to effect positive change.
  • Mijn Gevoel Voor Humor Is Droge Humor / Sarcastisch, Vriendelijk, Gek
Smaak Waar hou je van?
  • Als ik naar muziek luister, luister ik altijd naar Klassiek, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Soul
  • Ik lees graag Nieuws, Biografie, Klassiek , Fictie, Gezondheid, Geschiedenis, Natuur, Filosofie, Politiek, Poëzie, Satire, Natuurwetenschap
  • Mijn 3 lievelingsboeken zijn: The Ethics of Diet by Tolstoy, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Razor's Edge
Zoekt Wat wil je in een zielsverwant?
  • Wat vind je aantrekkelijk? Gevatheid, Empathie, Humor, Bedachtzaamheid, Intelligentie
  • Wat zoek je? I hope to meet a gentleman who is articulate and intelligent. I enjoy being challenged intellectually and want to be with someone from whom I can learn new things. I also do best with people who are forthright and demonstrate integrity; to paraphrase Alice and the March Hare, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” If you are engaged in actions to preserve our natural world, are compassionate toward all living creatures, are passionate in your pursuits, have a great sense of humour, and have the courage of your convictions, we would have much to discuss. A man who is secure enough to accept himself and others for who they are without judgement, who has the requisite emotional maturity and personal insight to overcome any impediments to intimacy, who lives by the Golden Rule (or, if you prefer, Kant’s Categorical imperative), and who leads a healthy, active lifestyle would be a lovely, refreshing discovery. I recognize that the mathematical probability of finding such a creature is on the nano-scale, but I remain optimistic that he exists. It may be blind and it may be a battlefield, but I believe that love really is all you need, and, if it’s True, then according to my favourite sonnet, "it is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken."
  • Waar ben je naar op zoek? Vastigheid

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